PipeTech is a Danish company specializing within supply of pipes for all purpose within the oil & gas industry.


  • Employees have extensive experience with supply and consultancies of pipes within the oil and gas industries
  • Operates through a network consisting of primarily Scandinavian and European manufactures of pipes for the oil and gas industry
  • Operates with required quality standards within the oil industry
  • Can supply pipes based on customer specification

For further information please contact:

Partner Morten Olesen

E-mail: mo@pipetech.dk
+ 45 3095 7222

Partner Henrik Nakskov

E-mail: hn@pipetech.dk
+ 45 3133 3742

Partner Carsten Neumann

E-mail: cn@pipetech.dk
+ 45 5040 1005

Office: Vasehøjvej 12 A, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark
E-mail: info@pipetech.dk